Sunday, 9 May 2010

Wolf Mother - Cosmic Egg

It was the second full length studio album by these Australian rock finest - Wolf Mother - released under Modular Recs in 2009. Wolfmother aren't really Wolfmother any more: the band that made 2006's self-titled debut disbanded in 2008 over "creative differences" leaving frontman Andrew Stockdale as the last man standing. Stockdale tried to change the name, but everyone called it Wolfmother anyway, so, he opted to record the band's sophomore album, Cosmic Egg, under the band's old flag.
This is a much more mature album but maintains the full on rock influences of their eponymous effort plus a little bit of adventurousness. Given that they’ve lost two-thirds of the original line-up since their surprise hit debut album of 2005, Wolfmother seem remarkably undeterred and unchanged on their second. Singer and guitarist Andrew Stockdale still sounds like he’s trapped forever in 1972, his only hope of escape to rawk his way out, appropriating as many Led Zeppelin's riffs as he can to do so. Cosmic Egg delivers just as much power as its predecessor self titled "wolfmother"; it contains instant rock staples as the debut album did, but proves that during all that touring his main composer endured much more as a song composer and not just as a riff genius.
What this means is that the "filler" of this record is way better that the first album.Enjoy!

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