Saturday, 8 May 2010

Anti Sweden in Jeremyville

The True Norwegian Black Denim label Anti Sweden is launching a limited edition jeans collab with the legendary Australian & New York based artist Jeremyville.

Anti Sweden’s styling of evil and darkness have merged with the distinct ‘Acid Pop’ line work of Jeremyville, who has interpreted the grim and provocative motives of Norwegian death metal, and created a surreal and menacing landscape of carnage and destruction. Jeremyville has drawn wolves devouring cadavers, live human sacrifice, and abandoned babies, to create a scene of apocalyptic hell, which is meticulously screenprinted onto the pockets within the grim blackness of the denim.

Alongside the limited edition of 666 jeans comes a giant collectors’ edition screenprint, each signed by Jeremyville himself. 1 of these special 400 screenprints comes with the purchase of each of the first 400 jeans. The price is 1666,- Nok, (280 USD) and if you are up for wearing a limited edition collab of dark underworld art and fashion, this should be right up your dimly lit alley.

The giant ‘Anti Sweden in Jeremyville’ screenprints are also divided into a run of 200 fluorescent yellow and 200 fluorescent pink, reminiscent of giant band posters found pasted on the streets. An innovative project from 2 very unique creative forces working in the world today.

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