Monday, 28 March 2011

EASTON 1st Anniversary: No Tomorrow


Time flies so fast! One year goes by and this is Easton’s 1st anniversary. Yes, March 23rd is a day when they give respect to the “sacred” value of wearing jeans. It deserves to be grateful for this tremendous growth of Easton in their first year. Great responses from the customers, media, tenants and especially you have given them an outstanding boost that makes them as big as now.

They devoted their time and energy for Easton to create superb products, programs and movements as if there’s no tomorrow. They take the idea of NO TOMORROW as their underlying principle and it got them so far.

They will give you extra special discounts for all Easton products as their gratitude for you with no exception. Even for you who missed our first product in the first season, they will issue it again for you in limited stock.

Discount will be available from March 17th until April 30th. If they have devoted their best for you, they hope you will do the same. Let’s grab their product as if there’s NO TOMORROW!


Text: EASTON Denim (Re-write)

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