Tuesday, 18 January 2011

11 Years POPTASTIC! Indie Weekender 2000 – 2011.


Since first held in 2000 at Bar 69, POPTASTIC! become a regular pop event in Bandung, now after 3 years, we disappears were back with still with POPTASTIC ARMY.

Poptastic! indie weekender was attempt to bring international and local pop music into the club scene, hoping that it would somehow unite our country’s indie lovers and inspire to do similar things in the future.

29 January 2011, at Glosis Paris Van Java, Bandung.

Dian (Hollywood Nobody) X Ay (Baby Eat Crackers)
Acay X iky (Popriot)
Uya (Popriot)
Elang (Polyester Embassy)
Marine (FFWD/Poptastic)
Egga (FFCUTS / Black Flake)

Dream Pop, Indiepop, Powerpop, Dark Pop, Brit Pop, Electropo, Anorak, Tweepop, A Go Go, Shoegaze, Japanese Sounds, Jazzy Sounds, 80′s Sound, 60′s, Eclectic, Electronic sounds, Folk, and many more.

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