Saturday, 16 January 2010

SANGKAKALA: Macanista Art Project

As a glam rock band, Sangkakala is not really my type. But as a audio rock fashion show band (it's how they called their music genre now), they do really rock! Sangkakala has known as a band with their crazy yet cool animal printing fashion. Blangkon, the vocalist of Sangkakala, always goes with his red or animal print legging, with lots of confidence as someone could be. FYI, they wear it not only for the show, but they do use the "costume" as an everyday outfit. Well, that could be because all of the member of Sangkakala has a background as art students. The romantic time of being art students made them has an eccentric style, both in music or fashion.

As a part of Bienalle Jogja X "Jogja Jamming", Sangkakala made a music and fashion project called "MACANISTA". The groupies of Sangkakala were called macanista because they love to wear animal print as the band. Sangkakala saw this style movement as an interesting phenomenon. So they made workshops and fashion show for the Macanista. You can see the progress of their project in their tumblr here.
So, do you want to see how was the madness of Macanista Art Project closing party? Here you go!

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