Monday, 11 January 2010

DGTMB shop

DGTMB or daging tumbuh has a long story about this name. It is actually a title for indie comics movement from Yogyakarta, provocated by Eko Nugroho. Daging tumbuh accomodates young local artists or everyone who can draw anything they like without any artistic boundaries. Well, time goes by and Eko Nugroho is now one of the most important artist in Indonesia. His latest works was exhibit in KPK, as you can see in our national television, the black and white image of a person with head covered with something square and some language absurd games which is Eko's artworks characteristic. Well, you can google it!
What I want to share and maybe you didn't know about this is that Eko Nugroho has a merchandise shop in Yogyakarta. It is placed in Jl.Parangtritis 26 Danunegaran,Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This store consist of Eko Nugroho's works printed in t-shirt, jumper, bags and my personal favourite, patches which you can put it in your jeans, bags or whatever. Oww, don't forget they also made a quirky and freak mask that makes you looks like a wrestler! Good for a first date :P Anw, you also can reach DGTMB in SALIHARA Shop : Jl.Salihara No.16 Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan, or contact them via online, here!

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