Thursday, 3 December 2009

Dress Code

Photo by Barbara Kruger

Photo by Janaina Tscahpe

Photo by Cindy Sherman

That art and fashion are intrinsically connected, we don’t need to tell you. But respect from the art world is often less apparent—which is why the International Center for Photography’s Triennial exhibit is so eye-catching.

Now in its third incarnation, the global survey of the most innovative contemporary photography and video is all about fashion this year. Dubbed Dress Codes, it features over 100 pieces by an international group of 34 artists.

The mix of names your recognize (Cindy Sherman, Martha Rosler, Jeremy Kost) and names you’ll want to know (Janaina Tschape, Hank Willis Thomas, Nathalie Djurberg) are united by their imagery of clothing. But this is more than just fashion photography; instead, the images provoke questions of identity, uniformity, and power. From Polaroid snapshots to collage images to raw video footage, Dress Codes questions just what it means to get dressed in the morning.

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This really is a great definitely brings new meanings to fashion photography..nice post ;)

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