Friday, 4 December 2009

Update! Olsenboye new product!

Mary-Kate and Ashley went to New York City and all they got me was this clothing line.

Before they started dancing on tables, dying their hair blue, and dressing in layer upon layer of shaggy sweaters, Mary-Kate and Ashley were known as the Olsen Twins, a duo whose dimpled cheeks and saucer-size blue eyes were the epitome of all-American wholesomeness.

So you could say that Olsenboye is a return to their roots. The new collection from the stylish sisters, sold exclusively at JC Penney, is a step away from lines like Elizabeth & James and The Row. Everything from faded denim jackets and hot pink miniskirts to lace-up boots and safety pin-covered saddle bags have made it into the spring ’10 lookbook. It’s not quite downtown cool or uptown chic, but there’s something to be said for shrunken blazers and plaid skirts all priced under $50.

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