Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sixteen D-Scale: We Are Going XXXL - Flagship Store Reopening

Along with the reopening of the flagship store, Sixteen D-Scale took the opportunity to introduce their collaboration with WhiteBoard Journal: an online publication of whatever that is new and thought provoking. This association of publication and production was materialized with a special edition denim pants incorporating the definition of both companies. The detailing of the regular straight fit cut washed denim is the embodiment of the collaboration.

The store now is two times bigger, with a practical modern design, giving it the warehouse in a store look. Inspired by our consumers, who desires the simplicity of choosing their products and incorporating seemingly contemptible and practical design in their product placement. Thus making it a conducive environment in their shopping experience.

The event started with the unveiling of the store with a two storey high denim curtains pulled by the sides, imitation of a sort-of Broadway show. Passersby flow endlessly into the store served with entertainment by DJ's; Glen, Cayenne, AditRNRM, Egga, Marah and live music by White Shoes and Couples Company and Sir Dandy. With a free flow of beer, merlot, sushi and a cheeky 50-pound slab of ice made custom for vodka shots. The store was filled with capacity customers all night long not just for the formers but they were checking out all the Sixteen D-Scale's new collection of tops and bottoms both for women and men. And the display of their new high end Premium line. More photos after the jump.

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