Friday, 12 March 2010

MGMT's new single

MGMT has come a long way from jamming in the dorms. Since forming in 2002, the band has landed on the Billboard charts, opened for Paul McCartney, and garnered two Grammy nominations. In exactly one month, they’ll be releasing the much-anticipated follow-up to their debut album, Oracular Spectacular.

But you don’t have to wait exactly one month to get a taste of Congratulations—MGMT just posted the first single on their website, and it’s free for the taking. “Flash Delirium” builds off of their signature psych-pop sound, jam-packing the four-minute track with everything from wall-of-sound choruses to fluttering flute interludes. It’s all over the place, but they somehow keep it together, all while singing lines like, “And if we dance until the heart explodes/Then we’ll make this place ignite.” Judge them by yourself, here!

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