Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Andy Warhol Watch

The Andy Warhol ‘Factory’ watch collection comprises of five of Warhol’s famous poster art images set in circular rubber face and band combinations. The art works include Marilyn Monroe, Campbell’s Soup Can, Chairman Mao, Money image and Fashion image. The ‘Soho’ collection of Andy Warhol watches is similar in that his famous works or art are used for the circular watch faces. The straps however are black leather and the casings are brushed silver. The Andy Warhol ‘Exclusive’ and ‘Collectors’ line of watches again contain Warhol’s famous images but these are set in boxed metal faces and they utilize a range of snakeskin and metal watchbands.

The true value of Andy Warhol watches is in the stigma that Warhol created for himself as a contemporary artist throughout the world. It is the artist value the watch holds.

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