Thursday, 11 February 2010

THE Dylan Sada

Dylan Sada is an experimental photographer who was born in Jakarta and now lives in New York. Why people really loves her? Well, first, she is young, very cute and sexy; and second (maybe you can flip these reasons :P) she is the queen of deviant art. People loves her dreamy and surealistic pictures. She photographs beautiful women, her daily life, her boyfriend and more often her pretty face, not in narcissistic way but in a very aesthetic way, she used photoshop to make a great colors in her photos. She's known as momomilk, her nickname in deviant art. And when I tried to find her on facebook, guess what, she has a fan page with more than 7000 fans! That's a lot, for Indonesian photographer. For the past 3 years she had been traveling to many places, been assisting and collaborating with many major fashion photographers, her works can be seen in several art magazines.

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