Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Make Your Own Statement Nekclace!

Here's some cool ideas to make your own necklace!

1. Chain Reaction Necklace

• Jewelry pliers
• 28 small and 2 large "jump rings" (metal loops)
• 14 metal and rhinestone chains
• 26" cord

1. Use pliers to attach small jump rings to each end of all 14 chains.
2. Now attach all of the small jump rings on each end to the large jump rings, creating one thick chain (you can vary the number of chains you use to get the thickness you want.)
3. Thread the cord through the large rings, knot the ends, and slip it on!

2. Just Bead-it Necklace

• A 55" ribbon
• 15 hollow ribbed metal beads (11 large, 4 small) with wide openings

1. Thread ribbon through one large bead so bead is at center of ribbon. Knot ribbon on either side of bead.
2. Thread five large beads on each side of center one, making a knot between each bead. Do the same with two small beads on each side.
3. Tie ribbon ends in a bow and double-knot so it's secure.

3. The neck-lace


• A medium-size lace motif that can lie flat on your chest
• Two 12" silver chains with closures

1. Find two openings at the same level on each top corner of your motif.
2. Open one chain and loop it through the opening on the left side of the motif. Loop the other chain through the hole on the right side.
3. Close both chains and put around your neck. Attach the clasp from the left chain to the clasp on the right chain.

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