Tuesday, 1 December 2009


We announced: it's a must have item! Again, must have item! :D

This thing from DKNY called "Cozy". Why is it sooo unbelievably cool? Because you can wear cozy in 12 ways! Say, backwards, cross panels in the back and pull to the front, tie a loose knot and style the top for an off-shoulder look...you name it! Just wrap it up!

"Cozy" remains us of the cotton.ink product, a shawl that can be used in various ways too. But "Cozy" gave us more various ways to wear this old fashioned cardigan into a brilliant top! Love it!

Here's some way to wear "Cozy"!

Wanna see the complete 12 ways to wear cozy and of course--how to get them? Here you go!

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