Saturday, 28 November 2009

we love COTTON.INK!

I think we should say thank you to COTTON.INK for inventing their very cool and creative shawls! Carline Darjanto, a fashion-design graduated young designer and Ria Sarwono, a graduated graphic designer is the girls behind this label.

My personal and maybe everyone's favourite is the KREY shawl, the multi function shawl that can be used in 6 ways! You can turn it into a hood, shrug, tube top, turban, cape, giant wristband, top halter layer, belt...well almost just about everything you can think off. They also have plenty of basic colors to choose or the acid wash colors that makes me want to have it all, have it all! :)

With their affordable price, I think you should put this shawl into your online shopping cart! Grab them at

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