Thursday, 26 November 2009

Simponi: Sindikat Monster Poni

Simponi is an acronym for Sindikat Monster Pony or in english, monster pony syndicate. Gintani, Elia and Dian is a group of women artist based in Yogyakarta. The Simponi name is actually not really related with what are they doing as artist. They are not a group of hair stylists for sure :) The reason why they use "Simponi" for their group name is simply because at that time they have the same pony style.

Simponi is known for their artworks made by cheap secondhand clothes that can be found in secondhand shops all around Yogyakarta called "awul-awul". At first they only made dresses, wallets, bags to be used by themself or sometimes they sell it in limited edition. But more to see, now they also made "serious and skillfull" two dimensions artworks and instalation using fabric, string, or button.

Here's some of their beautiful and girly artworks!

Their first solo exhibition was held in Kedai Kebun Forum in August 2008, titled "Invest are Interest". They also has exhibited their works in local and international gallery, for example in Singapore National Art Museum last year.

Wanna see more? Click click! :)

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