Sunday, 29 November 2009

Papermoon the Puppet Theater

Sometimes we might get soo bored with those melodramatic or tragic theater with another Shakespeare's story with the confusing and boring dialogue played for like 3 hours, sticking our ass on the uncomfortable chair to look socially smart. Ok, that's culture, huh? (no offense for the theater lovers:-)

But hey, what about puppet theater? Papermoon Puppet Theater is a group is a group of young people doing some experiments of art, and using puppet theatre as its media. Not only make puppet performances, they also do workshops on making puppet performance for adults and kids, and do collaborating works with artists from different background and countries. They are from Yogyakarta, and believe me, they are dammmnn good! You woun't believe Indonesia has this very talented group! More about them, here!

Here's some sneak peak about their cool performance!

"Having Sex with Magazine" on Woman International Day, in Karta Pustaka-Yogyakarta (March 15, 2009)

Presentation and screening of "Pohon Kecil", 2009

"Ria's gift from Korea", a presentation of Ria's residency program in Korea, 2009

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