Sunday, 29 November 2009

the "it" blogger: sunflares and plethora

In this section we will try to do some review about bloggers that we found interesting and has her/his own style to be our inspirations! You also can e-mail us if you'd like your blog to be reviewed by us!

And the first blogger that we will review today is: Claradevi Handriatmadja
The first reason why we reviewed her is simply because she's based in Yogyakarta. We want to make our local "products" be more known by people--even though this girl, I think--is already famous :)

Here's some fun facts about her and her blog:
1. Her blog address is
2. She's 20 and her signature style is girly, vintage and classic. Love them!
3. We also love her fashion photographs! She always do photo session outside with nature, grass, and the sun! She also do some photoshop to make her picture in vintage colors. Inspiring!

Here is some of her pictures, we took it from her blog. Wanna see more? Check her blog then:)

3 komentar:

Claradevi said...

Hello there! Tahnks so much for the feature. And its also interesting to hear that we're in the same town... Support locak products, eh? You guys have such a brilliant idea with this blog. I'll give all my support and definitely will spread the words about you.
Gudluck always!


F i K a said...

I really love the 3rd pic that you choose..
she look great in that pic :)

and yess..she's adorable !!

x/y/z said...

Hi clara and fika, thanks for dropping your comment here!

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