Tuesday, 24 November 2009

almost famous: Tampan Destawan

Tampan Destawan is my bestfriend. The reason why I featured him in this blog is not because I have no other idea what to post but because I know that Desta (everyone calls him like that) has a very mush big talent in art, say it's photography or paintings.

Everytime I accompany him taking pictures with beautiful young models that he "found" in internet, I always put my attention on how Desta plays with his camera. He usually uses old or plastic camera, from fujica to olymbus. Even if he uses digital camera, he always do some digital imaging to make it look vintage, kind of his signatures style. But whichever camera that he uses, it's not really a big problem here.

What makes me interested is on how Desta have a dialogue with his models, how he tries to make his model feel comfortable with him and his camera. That is why all models in Desta's photos looks naturaly beautiful. Desta, as a playboy (ooppss!), somehow knew which girl will look photogenic in camera. Or sometimes, he can explore the look of another ordinary girl to be more attractive in his shot. Please take look of some of he's works!

Not only taking photographs of beautiful young girls, Desta also the founder of Fur magazine, a quite happening visual art online magazine.

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